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11 Best Travel Adventures of the Year, Plus Baby Pics!

Oooh, it's been quite the year!

Oooh, it’s been an action-packed year!

Oooh Mama, it’s been quite the year!

Here’s a ranking of the best travel adventures of the past 365 days, with links to photos and details of each if you click the blue words.

Accompanying this end-of-year roundup are photos of our awesome new baby, because, well, I cannot resist.

11. New Hampshire. We saw some of the best sunsets of our life above the New Hampshire mountains in July! That state has become one of our favorite mini-vacation spots, as it has so much to offer, and is just a short drive from Boston.

10. Toronto, Canada. Toronto, where I traveled for the giant annual TBEX Travel Bloggers Conference in June, really surprised me. The city has a fascinating mix of sparkling skyscrapers, artsy bohemian neighborhoods, and delicious, diverse food. If the cranes everywhere are any indication, the city is developing rapidly.

9. Vermont. In April, when mayhem was breaking out at the Marathon just blocks from our Boston apartment, Colin and I happened to be in Vermont, which lends an unsettling taste to this trip for me. That said, Vermont is a wonderful place to visit, with nature and food to revitalize the spirit.

8. Blogging Land. This July marked my four year anniversary of running this website. Writing for you all remains one of the great joys of my world!

We love adventures!

We love adventures!

7. Boston Fun. Boston is my home– the place I decided to live permanently, after traveling around the world– and it’s great. This year brought a glittering two feet of snow in February, a yummy food tour of Boston’s Little Italy in September, sunny river Kayaking and rainbow autumn foliage in October, and in November, a funny fashion photo shoot and scrumptious feast at a pan-Asian restaurant opening. This is a good town!

Sweet sleeping...

Sweet sleeping…

6. Pregnancy World. Growing a tiny human in your abdomen is an absolute adventure, replete with some VERY strange effects.

5. Newport, Rhode Island. Newport is the home of old money and mansions, and our January trip to the town made me feel like royalty! Just an hour and a half from Boston, it’s a dreamy weekend getaway to a different era.

4. Hawaii Babymoon. Despite the strangeness of pregnancy, it comes with its perks… including a “Babymoon:” a luxurious getaway to celebrate life before the little one arrives. Staying at the #1 hotel in the world in gorgeous Hawaii definitely did the trick!

3. Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Despite being from New England, I’d never been to famous Cape Cod until this year… and I loved it! We rented a house that we filled with family and food, and spent the days swimming, chatting, eating, and enjoying the scenery and relaxed vibe. A highly recommended destination!

Power on, adventurers!

Power on, adventurers!

2. India. WOW was our trip to India incredible. And intense. And phenomenal. All the rumors about India travel are true, and then some. Just click the link and see. I am so glad we were able to take that epic trip before…

1. Baby World. By far, the most life-changing adventure this year, OBVIOUSLY, is giving birth to our little baby, Devi. Though he keeps us up at night and is a crazy amount of work, he’s the best thing ever. Love!

So what about you? What was your #1 adventure this year? Have YOU been to any of the places listed here? Which was your favorite?

Do share!

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